>Jakwob – Where Kangaroo Testicles and Rampant Egos Collide!

Did you know that NASA found water on the moon? And not just a drop, but gallons of the stuff? Nope, me neither. Isn’t this mass ignorance a bit… odd?

Even a Luddite like me knows that water=life, and yet the papers here are more concerned with which which fame-lusting societal leech will eat kangaroo testicles on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! (I’ve got my fingers crossed for George Hamilton, who has the appearance of a slightly melted George Hamilton android).

So in times where fame is so craved that eating insects seems an attractive prospect, it’s a real pleasure to hear music like Jakwob‘s – songs where the artist retreats into the background and the music does the ‘Look at me! Look at me! Looook!’ bit.

Starry Eyed Remix grabs a bassline so vicious, casualties may litter the dancefloor, and spins a vocal line so lightweight and ecstatic, no one will ever manage to mistake it for serious, chin-stroking ‘IDM’. Here With Me is even bigger, the keyboards throbs so vast that the threat of black holes spontaneously forming is omnipresent whenever it is played.

Jakwob – Starry Eyed Remix

Jakwob is making the sort of expansive, huge ‘n’ heavy crowd-pleasing dance music that disappeared under an avalanche of Strokes-a-likes about seven years ago. This is a situation where we all win: rampant egos quelled, clubland and bedroomland dancing, The Kooks et al finally banished.

Jakwob, don’t stop now. This is your time. Your country needs you.

Photography by Lucy Bridger

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