>Today’s New Band – The Liberty Ships PLUS! In The City Day 2!

It’s a sign of age, apparently, when policemen start looking frighteningly young. Yesterday, I had a similar experience at In The City when I met The Liberty Vessels, four 15 year olds from Liverpool – a band whose combined age is only just twice mine. It was terrifying. They were accompanied by the world’s proudest mother, whose broad ever-constant smile was one of actual joy.

Just to ram the point home: they were really young. They hadn’t started shaving, for Christ’s sake. They were born after the internet was. They were playing a early gig that night, because they had to be in school at nine o’clock the next day. I cringed at my (relative, ahem) old age when I heard their mature, warm and bold songs.

So, The Liberty Vessels are Today’s New Band, naturally. Songs like Say Nothing practically demanded so. The singer’s voice is that of an adult man, surely. It’s creamy, expressive and true, singing touching words, simply. Digital Covers chugs with confidence and charm. The band are skilled in supporting the lyrical focal point.

This is a band who’ve played a handful of gigs, have only just found their feet, and yet are ahead of much of the pack. They’ll reach whichever destination they desire. Good luck navigating rock’s stormy seas, Liberty Vessels. Listen here!

PS: ANBAD continues to gather MASSIVE CRITICAL PRAISE, or, more accurately: we’ve been featured in Click Ticket’s Top 20 Music Blogs list! Hooray! Thanks Click Ticket!

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