>The ANBAD Time Machine — Best Of 2008: Part 1

Screeching to a temporary halt for the yearly yomp through the cycle of food ‘n’ booze ‘n’ overindulgence, ANBAD pootled around at Christmas time last year, looking over shoulders and taking part in a little short-term nostalgia.

So, here’s a glance back at, erm, a glance back. But it’s entirely worthwhile – because today here’s the best five gigs and a sideways look at the most unpleasant musical aspects of last year.

Be prepared for Lethal Bizzle and Hot Chip almost pipping Public Enemy for Gig O’ The Year, and then brace yourself for the Blandest Band Of The Year, Worst Song Of The Year and The Moment When The Portal Of Hell Almost Opened.

They’re the creme de la creme of the corking and the crappy – so read all about it here (best gigs) and here (worst bands)!

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