>March’s Top 5 New Bands!

>There was no ‘Best Of’ list for February. No, we can’t work out why either. It’s safest to lie and brag that here at ANBAD, we don’t play by your insignificant ‘rules’, but truthfully, I think it just got forgotten. Sorry, February’s bands.

Still, March was a typical mind-boggling mix of bands – though if anything, they were almost all left-field to the point of alienation. It’s, like, just where we’re at right now, man. Left-field sounds are risky, pleasing fewer people, but when it’s done right, everyone’s a winner. And these following five bands can all consider themselves winners. Except that one is labelled as March’s Best New Band, which kind of makes the other four almost-winners. Here’s the list:

We All Inherit The Moon – We said: “Zen, calm, relaxo-therapy – call it what you want. We All Inherit The Moon‘s music is balm for your mind, soothing like a big hug. Like vines crawling over an old building, their songs will slowly grab you, and you won’t want to be freed…”

Gold Panda – We said: Gold Panda dips his hands into God’s Black Binliner of Music, pulls out the scraps most people would leave behind, and forces them to coagulate into something smooth, soft and surprising. A bit like a deep-fried Mars Bar.”

Alan MX – We said: “A wet finger in the ear of drab musical ordinariness – his music is skewed, restrained, and new. “

Akira – We said: Akira’s songs sound like remixes of other songs they’ve made but don’t want you to hear, and are only willing to expose suggestions of them in the form of crazed noise. “


Micachu And The Shapes – We said: “If Coldplay are as prosaic and dull as stubbing your toe on a lump of rock when digging the garden, then Micachu and The Shapes are the joy experienced when you crack it open and find a huge, multicoloured crystalline arrangement inside.”

Micachu and The Shapes are worthy winners in anyone’s book. They’ll be all over your radio soon, so remember where you heard them first…

Coming in April: ANBAD’s birthday celebrations! We are 1!

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