>Today’s New Band – Married To The Sea

>Here’s a life lesson or two – coming back to a stereotypically grey and drippy Manchester after spending 5 days dozing in assorted Madrileno plazas is a bit of a shock to a now cosily red-wine-‘n’-chorizo-addled system. But just as shocking was the ear-shredding, wholeheartedly MOR music to be heard everywhere, in a city that I thought too vibrant, alive and vibrant (again) for this kind of aural horror.

I daren’t go into too much detail, but if you want to spend a week bombarded with 15-year old Mike and The Mechanics songs that you were only to glad to have forgotten, you now know where to scratch that itch.

Similarly, if you want to dance until dawn to Iberian-Europop hits that you thought were to stereotypical to be actually enjoyed by Spaniards themselves, count yourself as wrong, buy a stiff drink (you’ll need it) and hit the floor.

So Today’s New Band, Married To The Sea, are in a somewhat privileged position – all they need to do is write a song that doesn’t sound like the Macarena, and I’d hug them for a week. Fortunately, they do more than that, making music that’s happy and lethargic.

If you manage to listen to Crash Hams without thinking of Pavement, then you, sir, are a liar and fraud. It’s important to note, though, that Married To The Sea don’t simply crib from Stockton, California‘s finest, but instead use their crabby, splintered approach to rock as a starting point, and freewheel off to more wholesome rock places.

Tmmrw I’ll Do The Right Thing is drenched with the warmth of a summer sunset, its associated relaxation, and the slow movement of thoughts through your sleepy brain. If you’ve ever delayed a decision manana, manana, then you’ll connect readily.

Married To The Sea have songs that can take your mind to a happy place. This is good. Banishing Genesis spin-off bands from my mind is even better. Listen here!

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