>ANBAD Band Clear-Out Special Day Two! (Or is it three? Not sure)

>Good grief. I hope you recovered from the shock of all those bands on Tuesday. Assuming you did, here’s Part Two of the snappily-titled Great A New Band A Day Bands Stockpile Clearout! (See Tuesday’s post if you’re none the wiser)

And today, in semi-reference to the South By South West festival taking place, all the bands are from the USA! Thematic-tastic! Hey! Ho! Let’s Go!

The Steps – Not the hellish late-90’s novelty disco-pop-gone-bad multi-million selling quintet, but the gusty rock behemoth-to-be from Austin, Texas. They grind out dinosaur-wrestlin’ rawk songs that will punch you in the face, steal your wallet and then invite you to join them in a round of drinks bought with the money. And you’d say yes.

Leisure Pills
– Dreamy, easy-going, driving, rock (Note: not Driving Rock, which is an altogether different, awful, beast). You can actually hear that they’re from the west coast of America. The audio equivalent of lying on your back and looking up at the clouds.

Kill Cupid – Almost entirely made of demented rock crashing noise, Kill Cupid are brash, loud and excitable. Their songs might not deal with one’s inner turmoil, or ruminate on humanity’s place in the universe, but they can, like, totally produce some ace riff-o-rama songs that demand heads to banged and pits to be moshed.

Shenandoah Davis – The antidote to the masculine, testosterone-drenched excess of the previous bands, Shenandoah Davis writes gentle, uncoiling, happy songs that engage, delight and swoon. Songs like Up And Over are soaring, twinkling gems; beautiful, fragile and calm. Bold and sweet, her songs tell intriguing stories, or fragmented tales, or whispers from inside her mind. Highly recommended.

Phew! Four more bands – that’s nine this week now. Have a nice lie down now. You deserve it. We know we do. Remember – things’ll return to normal on Monday when we get back from sunning ourselves abroad. See you next week!

2 thoughts on “>ANBAD Band Clear-Out Special Day Two! (Or is it three? Not sure)

  1. >Cheers Dean! It was a bit of a shame to have to bundle them together into one post but sometimes a spring-clean is necessary – even, apparently, with lists of new bands…

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