A New Band A Day has changed! Not by a huge, terrifying amount, but enough to make everything look and work better. It’s been a long time since our old friends, The Alibies, were the first band on A New Band A Day, and as the writing got better, the website was still its clunky old self. It was time for a clean broom, and everything (if you understand the word ‘everything’ to mean ‘a few bits and pieces here and there’) is sparkling and new!

The robot has been terminated, and been replaced by something that doesn’t look like it’s been drawn by a five year-old idiot. The migraine-inducing orange has gone too, and has been replaced by a migraine-inducing vomity-green-ish colour instead. Yum. The old cassettes have gone too, and have been by the higgledy-piggledy pile of tapes on the right, which now act as your links. Go on, click them and try them out!

On top of that, there’s a whole host of other new stuff, including a new fancy-pants Social Bookmarking feature at the bottom of each post that actually works properly this time (a big thanks to everyone who Diggs, Mixxes and Stumbles us, by the way). It includes two new buttons which will put ANBAD onto your iGoogle page as either an RSS feed or an exciting Google Gadget.

The one thing that hasn’t changed is the dedication to bringing you all the best new, unheard-of, unsigned or unusual bands every single day; which, along with the dedication to highlighting bands that use dreadful puns, or make a noise like a spacehopper filled with spanners, I hope will continue to form part of your daily routine.

HUGE thanks to all the surprising numbers of you who subscribe by email, rss, or just drop by the site every day – and an even bigger thanks, with big wet auntie-kisses, to all those of you who email us. It’s been a thrill-ride so far!

There’ll be a few more bowel-looseningly brilliant surprises throughout the week, so keep ’em peeled, space cadets! Oh, and if you know anyone who’d be interested in the all-new ANBAD, and you feel like sharing the love, we’d be thrilled if you let them know.

Love and MAN-HUGS from Joe – ANBAD

P.S. – If you’re reading this on the mail-out – click here to see the new site in all it’s glory!

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