>Speeding Bullets, Rabbits, Futility and Today’s New Band – Amnésie

>Here’s a question: if you were given the chance to do anything, what would you do? Up sticks and travel the Dreaded Student Trail of Thailand – VietnamAustralia, which is surely so well-worn that there must be a metre-deep groove trodden all the way from BangkokSydney? Maybe you’d copy Paris Hilton and buy every terrible handbag, dress and tiny dog available and then thrust your way onto MTV, ensuring that your bank balance and feelings of self-worth are forever at opposite ends of the scale.

Both of those things pale into comparison to announcing that you’re going to build a rocket car that travels at over 1000 MPH. This is an impressively crazy idea, and, I’m truly proud to say, is a crazy British idea. While other nations are trying to travel to Mars or find out ways of making clean energy, we’re bragging about how we’re going to sling a trembling man along a Utah salt flat faster than a bullet.

All of these are ultimately futile activities (especially the 1000 MPH car one – I’m wondering what applications that it might have in the ‘real world’ other than making 15 year old Physics Club nerds weak at the knees) but that’s the point. The fun things in life are the ones that, in the grand scheme of things, are pretty pointless.

If all that is true, then Today’s New Band, Amnésie, are as pointless as it gets, because the music is brilliantly daft, noisy and direct. Once again France proves to be the originator of more throwaway, inventive, fabulously danceable music, and Attention Petit Lapin is a glistening example of this. It follows the rules and it doesn’t follow the rules. It builds and releases, but sometimes it doesn’t build and release. It draws sounds from any recent decade you care to mention, and then squeezes it into whatever shape it wants.

Amnésie must have a soft spot for rabbits – Lapin Numero Un is also jumpy, jokey fun. It’s the sound of him stretching his muscles and creating a brilliant song without much effort, as are the rest of his songs. I dunno how they keep doing it in France, but they do and they are.

If this has made anything explicitly clear (and it probably hasn’t) it’s that it doesn’t matter if your ambition is to write songs about rabbits or just going very fast in a straight line – but do listen to Amnésie here!

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