>Today’s New Band – Slagsmålsklubben – Bestival Themed Week!

>And next in our “Bands From Bestival” week…

Humour, apparently, is largely incompatible with the majority of bands. There are some exceptions – Aphex Twin seems to be largely playing it for laughs these days, and Hot Chip know how to have fun (and GASP! even dare to show it when they’re on stage) – but it’s hard to imagine po-facers like our old Über-serious chums Razorlight popping a ‘Ringo Track’ onto one of their albums. Given the choice between playing a song that suggests frivolous fun and inserting something spiky into his urethra, Jonny Borrell would not waste time in reaching for the Rawl-Plug. ‘Happy’ is, like, for the un-cool people, maaaan.

That must make Today’s New Band, Slagsmålsklubben, super-un-cool, because their music is as much fun as bellyflopping into a swimming pool full of thick yellow custard. Hopefully, songs as smile-forcingly unpretentious as Sponsored By Destiny, which splashes synths, drums and twinkly beats around with wild abandon, will make them enough money to buy enough tins of Bird’s to make this dream a sweet, sweet reality.

Malmo Beach Night Party is almost too bonkers to be released on record. It’s a manic collision of kids’ TV themes, the music played over the credits of an 80’s video game and a marimba gone crazy. If the Joker listened to music when he made his breakfast each morning, it’d be this. So happy and non-threatening that you start to look over your shoulder, just in case.
So here’s to Slagsmålsklubben, un-cool, un-caring and un-hinged. More fun than 10 bouncy castles. Listen to their borderline mentalism here!

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