>August’s Top Five Bands on A New Band A Day!


It’s a sure sign of ever-increasing age when:

a) You start complaining that summers aren’t as sunny as they used to be;

b) Your little sister suddenly hits 18 and you wonder what happened to the 10-year-old version;

and c) Months start flying by faster than ever before.

All those things have happened to me recently, but the third one only registered in my fuddled brain when I looked at the calendar today and realised the non-summer was nearly over. That moment of minor terror was relieved by this list – the Five Best Bands From August that graced A.N.B.A.D! Hooray! This is good news, because it was probably the best month on A.N.B.A.D. ever. Feast on their collected glory! So, in no particular order:

1) BAND OF THE MONTH: Indica Ritual – Congratulations to the Liverpudlian crazies, who are August’s Band Of The Month, and for good flippin’ reason.

We said, breathlessly: “Their song ‘Top Forty’ is all of these things: 1) Bonkers, 2) Super-duper funky, and 3) Sounds like a test version of the 1973 Tomorrow’s World TV theme tune that was rejected for being too ‘out there’. Indica Ritual are quite possibly the band you have been looking for, like, ages. They are actually brilliant, in every sense of the word. You must listen to them now, or your life will be that much poorer.”

2) Glam Chops – Eddie Argos and David Devant’s Glam Experiment gone right!

We said: “HUGE guitars, HUGER choruses and chant-along verses VAST enough to climb on and lever the earth out of orbit.”

3) Insecticide Lobotomy – Mentalist Brain-Noise!

We said: “a tsunami of spasmodically repetitive high- and low-end fuzz boring into your brain and removing all thoughts except acknowledgement of the noise itself.”

4) Someone Still Loves you Boris YeltsinNon-Russian Über-upbeat songs!

We said: “so relentlessly upbeat that they make a song titled Think I Wanna Die sound like exactly the sort of song you’d want to listen to whilst driving a convertible down Highway 1 to Big Sur

5) The Seedy Seeds – Kazoos, Bontempi Keyboards, Good Times

We said: “They’re not content with writing unusually catchy bites of poppy indie, but even have the brass neck to squeeze a Kazoo solo into the joyous ‘The Little Patton’.”

So HOORAY! again. The best Best Five Bands yet. Another month of super-songs and brilliant-bands are coming…now!

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