>Today’s New Band – Genod Droog

>What is it that makes us view Welsh bands differently? Even when a song from the litany of fabulous Welsh bands such as Super Furry Animals and Gorky’s Zygotic Munki sing in English, there’s something indefinable that separates them from their British counterparts, at least. Today’s new band, Genod Droog, also have this – with the twinkly space-yness of Gorky’s and the full-on mentalism found in the Furries‘ crazier moments.

Oh, and they’re hip-hop. Yup, and rapping fits Welsh as well as it does French: brilliantly. While this might be a novelty enough to just to hear it in action, Genod Droog have tunes in spades too. Listen to Gwn Tatws on their MySpage page and try and stop yourself from singing along in your best attempt at Welsh while their blend of Psych-Rock-Hip-Hop bombards your ears. Then marvel that the song is about veg of champions – the potato (at least I think so; my very basic knowledge of Welsh is fallable).

Best of all is Bomiwch y Byd – the kind of song that reeks of summertime and would sound best if heard sitting a sunny Welsh field, sipping a cider. Fortunately for us mere mortals, this will be possible soon – they’re playing a bunch of gigs around the fantastic Welsh summer festival circuit. Welsh bands seem to have an innate ability to do the simple stuff – i.e. tunes – and making it work well, weirdly, and wonderfully. Genod Droog do this too – listen now and then catch them if you can.

Finally, another ANBAD radio show will be up very soon, over the weekend, barring technical mishaps/Internet hell/death. Marvel at its glory! Listen to voices talk in between this week’s greatest songs! Free! All those things – and more!

Don’t forget, if you have a great band we should listen to and put on A New Band A Day, email me and tell me all about it. We listen to every band you suggest, promise!

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