>Bank Holiday Special – Last Month’s New Bands Round-Up

>Ah, refreshing holidays. I don’t know about those of you outside the UK, but we’re having a national holiday today – and as a consequence, the weather is average at best. Great Times.

So how better to spend a drizzly day than to peruse the best of last month’s new bands from anewbandaday.com? So here the pick of the bunch are, bunched into half-hearted categories:


The super Like A Stuntman were featured at the beginning-ish of the month. They are great, and from Hamburg. Which makes them Hamburgers. Insert your own foodstuff-joke here.

Then we went balls-to-the-wall crazy and featured their compatriots Emi & Sophie, who appear to have already changed their name to the more catchily angsty Teenage Suicide.


LA PRIEST is ace, and features electro-cats on his records. Say no more.

And after Emi & Sophie’s name change, here’s the second 13-19 age-group-themed band last month: Teenage Bad Girl. A frankly ridiculously bouncy tune resource.

Not quite catagoris-able, but fantastic are The Alibies. They told me they’re trying to get an album released very soon, and they deserve to get signed on the basis of the songs on their website.


There were some good ‘uns in April: The Brownies, all sexy and aggressive; Record Hop, all wonderfully crunchy and 90’s; and The Cruiser Chimps, who are about as much fun as you can have without invading the monkey pen in the zoo.


Is Pixel H8. He’s just brilliant, and makes his music with Nintendos and Commodore 64s, as if you needed any more persuading.

More great bands as of tomorrow! As always, if you’re in a band, or know one that you think should be on here, or have anything else you want to say email me and let me know!

Also, don’t forget you can subscribe to ANBAD by email at the link up on the right!

Thanks for those of you who emailed asking about my holiday. To answer your questions, I mainly ate dried fish and custard (not at the same time), I did get sunburned (on ankles – putting socks on is fun now) and I was offered hashish approximately 9 Trazillion times.

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