>Today’s New Band – Syntaks

>Everyone says the worst thing about holidays is coming back home again, facing reality, and then spending a week gently beating your head against the desk, to see if you’ll wake up back next to the pool in France where it was sunny and warm and stress-freaking-free.

However, at A New Band A Day, we don’t buy into this school of thought for a second, and just see the inevitable horrors of returning to The Real World as a really good reason to get re-aquainted with the pub at lunchtime, just in case there’s a chance you can find that elusive back-to-the-holidays magic door there too.

Anyway, here’s what ANBAD listened to whilst on holiday:

  1. M83’s Saturdays = Youth (good for snoozing by aforementioned pool)
  2. Crazy Horses by the Osmonds (a lot)
  3. A French music radio station (107.4 FM, frequency fans) that played both dreadful maudlin squeezebox rubbish and thrillingly phlegmy French hip-hop – and thus provided a sugar-coated turd of a snapshot of the French music scene as a whole.

Thus, the holiday was defined by a collection of Frenchy élan-pop, big-toothed, Mormon moron-o-rock and the sound of a very musically confused culture. It was a big, crunchy baguette of music happiness.

With that in mind, here’s Today’s New Band, Syntaks, who are – SURPRISE! – French! No, of course they’re not really – they’re Danish, STUPID. Syntaks makes music that’s somewhere between the ubiquitous 70’s Kraut, Orb-like soundscapes and the sound that your brain begins to invent while you’re in a sensory deprivation tank. Song Redgrass is a semi-delirious float on orange-tinted clouds and Killgore Lives almost becomes as epically heroic in its loopiness as the great man himself.

So, just a quick band update today, but as of tomorrow, all will be back to normal. Hear all of Syntaks’ music here!

P.S. Thanks for all the many emails and Myspace messages suggesting new bands – they’re always HUGELY appreciated! I’m working my way through them all now, so don’t fret if you’ve heard nothing in reply…

>Une Nouvelle Bande Par Jour!

>The A New Band A Day “Team” has dragged itself, blinking, sweating and disorientated, out of the A.N.B.A.D. Nerve Centre* and has decided to slump, wearily, next to a swimming pool in France for a couple of weeks.

So, there will be a paucity of new bands for that time – BUT BUT BUT – here’s some things to look forward to on ANBAD’s return:

  1. An invigorated, refreshed and sunny outlook on life, love and New Bands
  2. A deep mahogany tan
  3. Tousled, sun-blonded hair
  4. An aversion to any more Steak Tartare
  5. MOST EXCITINGLY OF ALL – a whole slew of new, fabulous bands just waiting to LITERALLY blow your SOCKS off.

And, on top of all this – A New Band A Day will be celebrating the unveiling of it’s 100th Band with a lovely, brand-spanking new REDESIGN! A.N.B.A.D. will be slicker, fancier and newer, and yet retaining all the clumsy hopelessness you’ve all come to know and love.**

So, to keep you moist with excitement, why not peruse the archives just over there to your right, and get acquainted with some of the band’s you’ll have missed over the months. We’ll be back before you know it, with a token holiday present for you, possibly of a straw donkey.

Lots of French hugs ‘n’ kisses (on both cheeks),

Joe et l’equipe de Nouvelle Bande Par Jour!

*Box room
**The use of the word ‘love’ might not be in it’s usual terminology