>WHAT HAPPENED NEXT? Glam Chops and Dinosaur Pile-Up!

>Some of the bands we have on A New Band A Day appear, brightly, like a shooting star – fleeting, brilliant, then vanishing forever. This makes us a bit sad, and yet happy that they made lovely music in the first place.

Some go on to bigger, more exciting things. This makes us happy, but also brings out the unbearable music snob in us, and, disappointed now that everyone else likes them, spends hours yapping on about how we liked them before they were famous, yeah?

Anyway, once we’ve featured bands on ANBAD, we don’t just toss them to one side and move on – we leave that for the rock stars to do with the groupies. So we’re going to be running a typically unscheduled series detailing what happened next to some of those bands, called, inevitably, What Happened Next? Today, then, two tasty bands, one of which has a SUPER XMAS FREEBIE!


Dinosaur Pile-Up were Band of The Day in April, when, despite grinding out big ‘n’ tasty rock songs like My Rock And Roll, they were surprisingly unsigned. The lesson to be learnt here is that if you do grind out songs like My Rock And Roll, it’s only a matter of time until a great label like, say, Rough Trade snap you up and release it properly, which is what happened.

They’re now touring everywhere and being played on national radio and everything. You’ll probably hear them growling their way through your town soon, and then you can tell everyone how you heard about them on ANBAD ages ago, and how you liked them before they were famous, yeah?


Glam Chops: Eddie Argos-from-Art-Brut and David Devant-from- David-Devant-and- His-Spirit-Wife‘s (yes, those are their full surnames) band, were New Band Of The Day in August. Since then, they’ve toured their big, crunchy ‘n’ dumb Glam sound all over the place, to rapturous acclaim from some gig-goers, and looks of utter bewilderment from the drunk 50-year old guys swigging cider at the back, worried that the last 30 years was all a dream.

As you’d expect from a Big Value Band like Glam Chops, they’ve not only released one Christmas single, but two! And even more fabulously, they’re both free! Get them here!

So there you have it: proof that sometimes ANBAD doesn’t just pluck bands out purely because they have a joke name or a cute singer, but because they might be actually good. Who’da thunk it? And for more reminiscing over ANBAD‘s eagle-eyed, star-spotting past, have a browse through the ANBAD eBook! Huzzah!

>Today’s New Band – Dinosaur Pile-Up: DINOSAUR WEEK CONTINUES!

>Gimmick, Schmimmick. This dinosaur-theme is a goer, I tell you. The eagle-eyed of you will sport that this is the third consecutive dino-related band in a row, and while some may accuse us here at A.N.B.A.D. of mild idiocy, it turns out that there is method behind this Bronto-Madness. (NB: See previous posts, below, for the previous excursion into Dino-sounds)

That’s because the search for dino-bands – archeology, maybe – has unearthed yet another great band: Today’s New Band, Dinosaur Pile-Up. Firstly, let’s childishly focus again on how super the name is – anything that causes you to imagine a huge collision of freaking dinosaurs and the resulting pile-up is surely enough to make you as giddy as a 10 year old girl watching Hannah Montana – The 3D Movie.

Happily, Dinosaur Pile-up‘s music is great too. My Rock And Roll is a chunky, Pavement-y, Pixies-ish blast, singer Matt mumble-yelling “Since I was young, I always felt some sort of trouble.” It seems that writing great rock songs is outside of this trouble-sphere, as rock ‘n’ roll is a tough thing to get right, but Dinosaur Pile-Up can do it, seemingly without effort. My Rock and Roll is a fantastic song from a great-sounding band, who don’t seem to be slavishly following current musical trends. Fantastic – and apparently, unsigned. Crazy.

Check out their music at their Myspace page, here!

*No new band on Monday – it’s a Bank Holiday! So we’ll be sitting inside, sheltering from the rain, as usual.*

>Today’s New Band – Robot Ninja Dinosaur Bastards – IT’S A DINOSAUR DOUBLE BILL!

>Here at A New Band A Day, we’re not beyond using mindless gimmicks to try and force a coherent thread through goings-on here occasionally. As such – welcome to the A NEW BAND A DAY DINOSAUR-THEMED BANDS DOUBLE BILL! That’s right folks, after yesterday’s dazzlingly Bleep-osaurs Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, welcome with open claws today’s new band, Robot Ninja Dinosaur Bastards!

As if dinosaurs couldn’t get any more knee-tremblingly awesome, these guys are not only fearsome fossilised reptiles, but they’re also Robotic Ninjas! Who are Bastards too! Truly, these guys know what people want – stylised violence, mechanisation, extinction, cruelty – and how to name a band accordingly. As we know, approximately 50% of what makes a band great are non-musical elements such as the name. Thus, Robot Ninja Dinosaur Bastards – say it to yourself out loud, go on – are halfway there.

In terms of the music, they’re also brilliant. Hell Bent On Destruction is what Timbaland’s grammar-destroying ‘The Way I Are’ would sound like if re-recorded by crazy guitar-wielding maniacs. Come and Get Demented is a breathless nutjob does-what-it-says-on-the-tin song, perfect for those night when you just want to go and do just that. If you can’t picture yourself throwing yourself around a dark room without care for yourself or others, you’re not imagining hard enough how AWESOME an actual Robot Ninja Dinosaur Bastard would be.

Listen to their mentalist brain-melting tunes on their MySpace page here

>Today’s New Band – Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs

>Regular readers of A New Band A Day will know that there few criteria to being selected to feature. Firstly, great tunes are a must, obviously. Actually – that’s the extent of the criteria. The only additional ‘rule’ is that a terrific, hopefully comic name, preferably pun-laden, will pretty much seal the deal. It certainly worked for previous New Band, the LOL-tastic Ice, Sea, Dead People.

Introducing, then, today’s new band, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs.This is probably a good point to mention that T.E.E.D. aren’t just a band with a novelty name – they’re not Kajagoogoo, you know. Instead, they’re a band with a great name and a great bunch of bleep-tunes on their MySpace page. Listen to them here, and try listening to Dinosaurs Having a Party without picturing the stumpy-armed scaly guys bopping around a swamp to the clunky Bontempi-keyboard noises.

In fact, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaursare all about having a whale (or should that be “a Basilosaurus“?) of a time. Let Me Tell You is an even better track, punching an insistent, droning shudder of a blee-ee-ee-ee-eep along to a banger of a beat. This song is worthy of being played repeatedly at anyone’s house party, dinosaur-related fancy-dress themes or not. Get Carnivorous!