Midweek Mouthpiece: Guitar Heroes, RIP?

A week or so ago, whilst feeling fruity, I posted this deliberately provocative statement on the ANBAD Twitter feed: I mean, really, most people’s attraction to new guitar-based bands is purely based on a romantic attachment to bands of the past. (Discuss) — Joe Sparrow (@ANewBandADay) April 11, 2012 And in many ways, of course, […]

Grobbie: Expectorate The Unexpected

Where to begin with the UK Bass music scene? Its sound is disparate and yet conjoined; multifaceted whilst coherent in its addiction to bowel-loosening low notes. These thin, bassy themes that draw all the assorted, mysterious, bedroom/dank-underground-nightclub dwelling producers together are what makes their music so tempting and curious: sounding dusty, dark and broken, yet […]

Pandreas, and How To Get Ahead In The Music Industry

Here’s a thing: everyone in the music industry, even those vaguely connected to it, simply loves music. They’ll tell you this without waiting for you to ask – glance at the Facebook profile of any Music PR’s work experience assistant, and allow the proclamations wash over your dazzled eyes. “I LOVE music,” it’ll say. “Music is my life,” […]

ANBAD’s Best Bands Of 2011 // Top Ten: 10 – 6

If you missed them, here’s Part 1 and Part 2 of the list of bands who didn’t quite make the Top Ten… Sifting through the hundreds of bands who were splurged all over ANBAD is a task which is part edifying pleasure and part brutal exposure of this writer’s foibles at any one period throughout the year. […]