A New Band A Day 2008-2018

Welcome to ANBAD, which is celebrating ten years online in April 2018, and is now “resting.” (I’m still jabbering on about new bands like, oh, I dunno, The Chats, on Twitter.)

However, ANBAD also has over 1200 posts featuring about 1500 artists. Most are buried deep in the blog, rarely seen by human eyes. This seemed a bit unfair, so I randomised the posts and the ones you see below are yanked arbitrarily from the archive for you to explore.

As with anything this old on the internet, some of the music players, hyperlinks, images, formatting – and, frankly, the writing itself – are broken. But even I will begrudgingly admit that randomly looking at ten years of once-new bands is a fascinating glimpse into a very specific time capsule.

I’m as surprised as anyone that this ridiculous and utterly niche music blog has stumbled around online for a decade, surviving all of my attempts to break it, render it defunct, or let it wither on the vine. I’ll post something longer soon, probably around the Official ANBAD 10th Birthday in April; but for now, scroll down and read on – and maybe you’ll find some long-forgotten band from 2009 that you’ll love.


>Today’s New Band – Form Banal PLUS! Exciting times ahead for ANBAD!


Greetings all. Let me start by introducing myself. You may have heard that ANBAD is undergoing a few changes, and I, Jamie, am one of those changes. First and foremost, praise and thanks be to Joe, founder of and, until this very moment in time, sole contributor to A New Band a Day. Whilst Joe remains undisputable king and ruler of our much loved blog, I have been politely asked* to step in on the odd occasion that Joe goes on one of his super-massive benders which put Shane McGowan to shame (read: Spanish class).

I hope, in time, to win you over. And like your creepy ex-schoolmate’s friend requests on Facebook, I will not stop until I do. Or Joe politely asks* me to stop hacking into his website and generally ruining his life. In order to encourage our burgeoning friendship, that it may grow into something beautiful and not-at-all creepy, I bring you a gift. I bring the gift of music.

Expectations of my ability suitably lowered, let’s see who today’s new band is. Well they’re (he’s?) “Form Banal”, and they’re/he’s from Germany. They/he have/has one of the cleverest band names I’ve ever heard. In fact, it’s not so much a band name, more a subversive marketing strategy of which the KLF would be proud. It says, “fine, come listen to us, but don’t expect much. In fact, don’t expect anything.” I encourage you to approach them with the same attitude.

starts with distorted synths, tight beats and just the right amount of electro swagger, and made me forget about Fischerspooner ever getting another record deal (I think that sometimes we all need a reminder that “christians are fun”). I Keep My Pussy Wet, is brilliantly simplistic, deconstructed electro. I don’t know which one of their/his songs available on their/his Myspace will be stuck in my head for the rest of the day, but guaranteed one of them will. Personally I will be whistling all of these songs on my way home in the rain, at the same time, because my spazzed out brain cannot decide which is best.

Personally, if they had called themselves Super Ace German Electro Pioneers, the Likes of Which I Have Not Heard In A Long Time, I would still not have been disappointed.
How about you decide? Yeah that’s right, you do some work for a change and click here for all your electro needs

*Beats me within an inch of my life



Can you imagine how hard it is to convince a bunch of 19 year olds to jump up and down to songs they’ve never heard before, in a style they’ve never really considered feasible?

In one way, I don’t envy Rusangano Family in this regard: at this stage in their career, this is what they have to do at every gig. In every other way, I envy them with every fibre, because they have that ability to get The Kids moving. It’s the rarest of skills, and the surest sign that they’re doing something very, very right.

Rusangano Family’s live show is entirely energetic, and utterly engaging. The crowd of kids who came to watch them, either out of interest or accident, were won over almost immediately.

I assumed that the crowd were their local fanbase (I saw them at the excellent Hard Working Class Heroes music festival/conference in Dublin) but I chatted to the band afterwards and it turns out they hail from the other side of the island. The crowd were just swept up by their presence.

I imagine they don’t see too many artists who blends so many styles. The guttural thrust of hip-hop, stabs of sub-Saharan African music, old-school house chops, and the build-and-release of the most effectively brutal dance music all combine to create a platform for the thrilling lyricism of the band’s dual MCs, who clamber all over the stage, taking the idea of “owning the space” to a near-logical conclusion.

I can’t remember the last time I was so enthused and energised by a performance – the music is brilliant, fresh and simple; the songs sharp and fascinating; the performance cutting and dazzling. Rusangano Family are so obviously the real deal it hurts.

MIDWEEK MIXTAPE // 21st September 2011

Well. Here’s a thing.

An all-new Midweek Mixtape, brought to you by none other than the NEW Official ANBAD Mascot, Alex “Cheese” James, of ‘Blur’ and ‘signed a big deal with a Wal-Mart-owned supermarket chain’ fame.

Now, instead of merely listening to a bunch of new bands and thinking about them, you can listen to the bands, think about them and enjoy a slice of salad cream-flavoured cheese – in the shape of bread!


FIRST: Noise From The Fridge have stolen Happy Monday’s guitar sound and Ian Curtis’ vocals. There are two mitigating factors that ought to stop your fretting right in its tracks: the band are from Manchester, and Sun Shines Through is also remarkable in it evocation of another time.

SECOND: Love Delux tell us that Love Is A Kaleidoscope. Which is strange because if pop music is to be believed, it’s actually a Battlefield. Or a Losing Game. Either way, the multi-coloured elements of LIAK are quite delirious.

THIRD: Deluxe – two ‘delux’-themed bands in a row marks some of special achievement for ANBAD. In my notes, I wrote “Deluxe sound Belgian”. There is no proof to back up such absurd claims. Plastic Glass is lovely though, and so were the band Deus, so maybe that’s the connection.

FINALLY: Fuji Kureta has made a song that is like no other I’ve heard for a long time. Bizarro glitch-pop and breathy French vocals on the subject of a section of the ocean don’t often crop up in pop songs, but Finis-Terre is no ordinary pop song. Right? Right.

Soft Crest, and the Great Steve Albini Cook-Off

Steve Albini has a cookery blog. Yup, that Steve Albini. Steve “Big Black/In Utero/Don’t-you-dare-call-me-a-record-producer” Albini.

The blog is – guess what – uncompromising and excellently executed.

Steve likes yellow cornmeal: “fuck it, polenta is terrific.” Steve serves his chutneys warm, regardless of convention: “fuck me I’m not going to spray it with liquid nitrogen.” Steve simply doesn’t have time to make vegetable stock: “Vegeta is the shit.”

Steve’s clearly as good a cook as he is a record produc… sorry, recording supervisor (or whatever). His food looks delicious and his much-vaunted no-frills mindset clearly reaches into the pot and stirs the sauces for him.

I’m not sure why I found it so unlikely that a man involved in the music industry has outside interests. Maybe it’s because if most musicians have side projects, it’s just another band, or – more probably – some sort of laptop glitch-remix self-indulgence.

Such is the frequency of these side projects that I now wonder whether any band is ever considered the ‘main’ one any longer. Hey, all bands are now side projects, yeah?

This said, I’m, fairly sure that Soft Crest are the main focus in its constituent members’ lives. It just sounds so. Songs like Young Blood, grand, opulent and dreamy could never be the result of a secondary dalliance.

Some songs make their own noise and others are seeped in it, as if it is part of their being. Soft Crest’s songs are drenched in sounds, atmosphere and reverb.

Young Blood connects so directly to the shapeless dream states that we’ve all occupied at one point or another that its quickly obvious that its a song to which everyone will react. It’s almost hyper-unreal. Think about that while you’re stirring your ragu. Great stuff.

MORE: softcrest.bandcamp.com/album/young-blood

Weirds: Funny Money

Perhaps one of the more exciting things about the music industry having gone into financial freefall is that bands have started looking outside of the traditional streams for that elusive cash-money.

This has had a number of interesting consequences, not least that bands are now doing things for money that they would never have dreamed of doing before.

For instance – next week, music streaming people Deezer are getting The Ramona Flowers to play a gig in a secret location next week in Manchester from inside a perspex box, whilst the audience listens via wireless headphones.

Now, I think this is all very good. Better to be doing slightly bonkers PR events like this where everyone has fun and the band gets paid more than if they’d played half a dozen toilet venues.

(And by the way, if you want a couple of tickets to this gig, get in touch via here and here.)

Speaking of weird, the possibilities are surely endless for the band Weirds. They could have a lucrative sideline in doing odd things for money, a bit like Keith Chegwin’s late-90’s career.

Actually, they don’t need to – Crocodile is a gloriously carefree romp through fuzzpop, buzzpop and noiserock. That a song clocking in at a mere 2min30sec can zip all over the place so much, cramming in idea after idea, is testimony to the ingenuity of this exciting new Nottingham band. Keep an eye on them.

NERVE LEAK: Looming Large

I now have to restrain myself when writing posts that feature songs from Bad Panda Records, because they almost always end up featuring a sentence or three explaining bewilderment at how Bad Panda keeps finding so many good new songs, or a half-witticism on how I always query how Bad Panda keeps finding so many good new songs.

In this post, I realise that I have achieved both, the kind of meta-stupid opening to a post that does nothing to help the great new artist contained within. Oh well.

Nerve Leak is another beautiful Bad Panda discovery: an artist who smudges sound into soft, luxuriant parcels of noise.


Atlantic Hold reminds me, in sound, if not in composition, of Goldie’s landmark Inner City Life: a swirl of organic samples and sounds layered and clustered to create the sensation of warmth, love and wide-eyed happiness with the world.

That is a decent achievement. Atlantic Hold is unutterably cosy, and comforting, yet it acknowledges the chaos and insanity of the world at large. It looms large and heavy; it skips lightly and twitches gently. Excellent.

MORE: soundcloud.com/bad-panda-records/badpanda139

>Duzheknew? And other pertinent questions – answered!

Duzheknew? Thank you, Adam O’Reilly (for it is he) for creating the band name which writes it’s own headlines.

But past-tense befuddlement aside, Duzheknew seems to have a firm handle on what he’s doing. His songs are… well, just right. They are sharp and acidic and tart. They are focussed and have all the fat cut off. This bodes well.

It Came Out The Other Side, OK trembles with nervous ambition – a jittering, jerky song. It’s a bloodletting, an easing of tension, that shows Duzheknew to be an artist of some ability. The song shines and fades, gives and takes – and we hang on every word, eager to experience the climax.

Duzheknew – It Came Out The Other Side, OK

When it comes, it’s not the explosion anticipated, but a more economically restrained finish. After the building and building, we are buzzing too feverishly to feel let down by such teasing, and too pleased by the preceding sounds to care.

Duzheknew gingerly cribs a snippet of Talking Heads and a sliver of Pavement, but has a swivelling eye scouring everywhere else for ideas too. It’s tough to predict anyone’s path in any instance, but if Duzheknew keeps going, something interesting will happen. Perhaps he knews this already. Sorry, knows. Good stuff indeed.

MIDWEEK MIXTAPE // 27th October 2010

John Peel’s anniversary was a couple of days ago, and, like everyone else over the age of 25, I joined in the happy reminiscing. The only person who influenced my musical education as much as him was my dad, and that was partly because he was a John Peel devotee too. Today, the ANBAD Donkey celebrates a hero.


FIRST! Basketball have been on ANBAD before, but that doesn’t preclude their inclusion here – when a song like Suspiros de Chile plops into your lap, sharing with the wider world is not so much an option as a requirement.

Basketball – Suspiros de Chile

Lunacy reigns here, and the band are happy to be swept along by a tide of manic beats, crazed fiesta vocals and wholly spectacular chanting. Fireworks in pop-song form. Prepare to ‘oooh’ and ‘aaah’. Excellent.

SECOND! Hippo Campus songs are beamed in from the future. That’s the only explanation I can offer for songs like Cherries, which seem to be composed in a way that defies convention, if not logic. Perhaps the future is entirely peaceful because of these songs, just like in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. It wouldn’t be surprising – these deft and calm semi-songs would pacify the angriest beast. Brilliant.

THIRD! Spotlight Kid list “My Bloody Valentine, Spacemen 3, Lush and Swervedriver” as their influences. But weirdly enough, they sound just like Insane Clown Posse. Only joking – they sound just like those Shoegaze bands from about 1991, but that’s no bad thing. The music warps and folds just like you’d hope, and makes me wonder why Shoegaze ever went away in the first place.

FINALLY! Big Deal – Sadly, I missed Big Deal at the In The City festival. I missed most of the bands I really wanted to see as I was distracted by bands that I didn’t realise I wanted to see. A subtle difference. In Locked Up, vocals float on dense guitar fuzz just like how white-hot sheet glass floats on molten tin. Hot, close and alluring. Great.

Feminist; Back to the Future

feministmassimoOne of the really pleasant things about running ANBAD is when people get in touch to let me know what they’ve been up to since they were featured on the site.

Often, the story is the same: the band I wrote about broke up a few months afterwards, and usually, another band has been born and died after that, too. Such is the dizzyingly-quick turn-around of a new band’s life-span now.

Anyway, when Massimo got back in touch with me, I was interested to hear what he was up to. He’d written a piece for ANBAD a few years ago about his neck of the woods in London; now he runs a rehearsal studio in Tottenham and makes music as Feminist.


I spend so much time wondering what music is these days, and what the point of making music is any more now that we have instant-everything on Spotify, that sometimes I forget that perhaps, I dunno, people make music because it’s nice, and they hope to squeegee a bit of that pleasure onto others.

I guess that’s why Massimo does it, and I guess that’s what plenty of people will take from this dreamy ode to the ether itself.

An aside: Feminist is quite a neat name for an artist. I’m not sure why. The word still seems to shimmer with an electric frisson of controversy, perhaps.

MORE: soundcloud.com/Feminist

>Today’s New Band – The Covergirls PLUS! Crystal Ball-Gazing!

>It seems important to hit the ground running in the New Year. Christmas was an inevitable blur of overindulgence and snoozing, without thought of the future or the past. Come the first of January though, and both eyes swivel, panicked and wide, towards the TERRIBLE, INEVITABLE AND RAPIDLY APPROACHING future.

It therefore seems reasonable to have a quick look at the year ahead, and what might snare your attention in it. Predictably, not all of this will be pretty.

Music is all about revivals, whether you like it or not. As a quick example of what might happen in the next 12 months, here’s two people who might benefit from this unlovable trend:

2009 might be the year when we find a group of people brave enough to rekindle The KLF‘s art/noise/stadium house/chaos regime again, and if Pop Incorporated start dumping dead sheep around London, we’ll know it worked. Or maybe it’ll be the year when too-cool-for-school ironic-facial hair supremo Master Shortie ‘goes mainstream’, as if his slick late-08’s-with-a-slant pop sound wasn’t aimed there all along. Who knows.

For us at A New Band A Day, though, the news that ANBAD darlings Art Brut are recording an album with Black Francis from The Pixies sent us into spasms of joy, incredulity and OMGOMGOMGOMG. This surely is the musical meeting of minds that will Win Big, as The Kids say. Time will indeed tell.

To keep our feverish minds distracted whilst we wait for the Best Album Ever, we’ll be featuring a great new band, every day, as usual. So dubious congratulations to The Covergirls, who are the first New Band of 2009!

Yet another band unearthed from the rich seam in the Glasgow Great Bands Pit, The Covergirls’ songs are musical ADHD – in turns scuzzy, twinkly and robotic. Songs like Catch The Tiger and La Casilla de la Muerte stomp aggressively just as unexpectedly as they tiptoe melodically, as if the band’s kid sister has crept into the studio and is cheekily flicking the Fuzz/Clean switch on the guitar amps at random.

Riffs, clobbered drums and sweetly cooed vocals all meet in the middle, hoping to reconcile, but just end up having a spectacularly colourful and enjoyable brawl. As a consequence, songs like Say It Don’t Spray It features one of the most violently choppy riffs heard for ages, and the band thrashes around to keep up.

Then, finally, in an attempt to lever more praise from us Pun-Lovers at ANBAD (but probably not), they even bung in a corker of a song title in the form of Slouching Digger Paper Waggon. The Covergirls are a jolting, fun and thrillingly noisy start top the year. Got cobwebs? Blow them away here!