Midweek Mouthpiece // Bedroom Artists

Oh look: the Midweek Mixtape has been rudely (and temporarily) shoved aside for a new semi-regular midweek column, the Midweek  Mouthpiece. Alex James/Crudely-Photoshopped Cheese Fans, fret not: the Midweek Mixtape will be back next week… Of all the interesting points raised in this GQ article about – who else? – Skrillex, two in particular stand out. Firstly, […]

TEEN FLIRT – High Street

Whilst ANBAD tries to be as international in its outlook as possible, it’s often hard to reach beyond the noise of the UK scene. This is especially true when there are just so many guitar bands all fighting for attention, and all peddling their near-identical Indie-lite Career-Rock. And dance music is, on the whole, just […]

SUBALTERN – Brass in Pocket

Occasionally, in between making tremendously uneven life decisions and listening to crackly pop songs from the Ukraine, a question crosses my mind: what happens now to the artists who don’t want to play live gigs? This one troubles me. Gig tickets are more readily available than ever, and in a monumentally depressed music market, we’re encouraged  – by […]

PILLOWCASE: Brains. Braaaaaains. Brrrraaaaaiiiinnsss

ANBAD loves, yet loathes, understatement. If you’re awesome, it’s worth shouting about, and bands that don’t do this have merely found a quiet, reticent way of shooting themselves in the foot. That said, understatement does have the occasional attractive moment: here’s (the wonderfully named) Pillowcase’s assessment of their new song, Brain: “just a demo from my […]

Over Unda; PLUS: The Vaccines Vs Today

Last week, in an interview with the Guardian, generic teen-friendly snooze-rockers The Vaccines waggled a finger at blogs who provoke, “a hunger to have something new every day.” Singer Justin Young blames ANBAD’s bigger, sexier, better-read cousin specifically: “Guardian New Band of the Day is the perfect example … blogs in particular are to blame for […]