Can we talk about this band name for a second? Have You Ever Seen The Jane Fonda Aerobic VHS? is the best band name I have heard for aeons.

Everyone I mention it to loves it. It’s marketing genius: commanding poster real estate, gobbling up tweets and annihilating flyers all across Europe. Brilliant. I went to see them at Musik & Frieden almost exclusively because of their name. Oh, and because Family Man is a great tune.

Family Man has colourful tones, sweet chirrups and bouncy melodies, wrapped in sheets of poppy, punky noise. The chorus pricked a memory deep in my brain, and I strained to think of the song that it reminded me of. I’m not sure that it exists. Imagine a sped-up “D.A.N.C.E.” with better melodies, more exuberance, more fun, and less studied cool.

The band, relatively unknown in Berlin, did what any good band does – which is to win over an uncertain crowd. By halfway, the girls were dancing – always a good sign – and by the end, even the boys had joined in too.

Oh, and the Jane Fondas (they are understandably abbreviated in conversation) are loud. On the mixing desk was a sound meter and a large sign next to it with the all-bold-caps reminder: “MAXIMUM 115Db!!!”.

A concerned man scurried over every five minutes and shone a torch on the meter. Each time, the readout was exactly 114Db, and each time he’d give a respectful whaddayagonnado? shrug. Not only are this band loud, they’re adept at going as loud as they possibly can.

Their manager, Martin, assured me that the band has, “officially the loudest drummer in Finland.” I popped my earplugs out for a moment, and, well – let’s say that I don’t doubt his claim for a second.

Great stuff. Catch them soon at The Great Escape, if you’re going.

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