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How wonderful is it to have Youthless back in our lives? Answer: very wonderful, and frankly, it’s all that they deserve.

Youthless were ANBAD’s band of the year in 2010, after the duo won me over at the In The City music expo with their acid-soaked pop songs, white-heat basslines and all-round goofy charm. And then they vanished, just at the moment their breakthrough seemed assured.

But 2010 is an almost comical distance in the past in music biz terms — so what happened?

Rank misfortune and debilitating injury, that’s what. Singer Alex damaged his back so badly that he and bandmate Sab were forced into hiatus for years, while urgent surgery and years of rehab gobbled up time.

Time heals, and time changes, and for Youthless, both of these have resulted in a raft of new music which continues where they left off, but benefits from the reflection and pain.

And? And their new single, Attention, is fucking amazing; snagging ears as readily as any of their golden, fried pop songs that preceded it.

The song is gently pensive and furiously grateful at the same time: it’s stuffed with lust for life and beautiful harmonies. It’s as fresh as a strong sea breeze: salty, sandy, cold, alive.

And? And things are truly looking up: Line of Best Fit debuted the new single as Song of the Day, a gorgeous video is to follow and they’re working closely with new music champions CLUB.THE.MAMMOTH.

Gigs in London and support slots with Unknown Mortal Orchestra are approaching fast. The new LP is a focussed, mind-melting clutch of psyche-pop hits. The world is their oyster once again.

I couldn’t be happier for them. Into the future!

Youthless dates:
24th November – The Forum, London (supporting Sticky Fingers)
13th Nov – Armazem F, Lisbon (supporting Unknown Mortal Orchestra)
14th Nov – Hard Club, Porto (supporting Unknown Mortal Orchestra)

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