Lärkträdet: not Lark Rising

larktradetGo on, guess what Lärkträdet means.

It kept me puzzled for a few enjoyable minutes, simply because I subscribe to the theory that Scandinavian languages sound a bit like someone speaking English in a very strong wind, and that if you tune out of the listening process, translation is instinctive.

I was wrong. I went for “Lark Rising” because of the word ‘lärk’, and the fact that ‘trädet’ might have some root connection to ‘trajectory’.


It doesn’t. Lärkträdet means Larch Tree, which is, frankly, just as nice, so I’m happy to be wrong.

Lärkträdet (the band) are Icelandic/Swedish, and sing the above song called Fristad (which means ‘sanctuary’, translation fans). It’s deeply lovely: a frosty-sunrise of a song that signals happiness, holism and deep calm.

I listened to it three times in a row. I don’t do anything three times in a row. This is a good song.

PS: Lark Rising has not been used as a band name, yet.

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