“Dear Joe,” sort-of read the email, “We’re a band called Modern Delusion and you once wrote about our friends Chresus Jist and here’s a split EP that we’ve just recorded with them.”

This was all rather interesting for a few reasons:

  1. I have no idea how I forgot about writing about a band with a name list Chresus Jist, but somehow I had, and here they are.
  2. Split EPs are, heartwarmingly, still a thing that bands do in the age of the record-it-quick-and-stream-it-quicker mentality.
  3. Modern Delusion is a band name so po-faced that it can only be a slyly fun and wryly-raised eyebrow of a band name, and thus I approve wholeheartedly.
  4. All of Modern Delusion’s songs are about two minutes long: i.e. the ideal length of any pop song.
  5. They say that they make “synth oriented gloomy postpunk, punk, etc.” The “etc.” part interest me the most, especially considering the preceding words.
  6. The band are from Croatia, and I have a soft spot for Croatian bands and, indeed, Croatia in general.

Well, it’s all looking rather good for Modern Delusion, isn’t it? And guess what – Sobibor is a buzzy, anti-cool, hook-laden pop song. Thanks, Modern Delusion!

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