Pullahs: An Ocean Pulling On A Shingle Beach


Like most of the rest of the world, I’ve been hypnotised by Future Islands’ performance on David Letterman last week – or, specifically, Samuel T. Herring’s outrageous performance.

I can’t figure out if Future Islands have their sights set on stadium superstardom or not, but this could easily have passed as a play for just that.

Herring’s deep sincerity, un-self-conscious chest-thumping, vocal oddities, and outlandishly expressive show has caused ripples because it is so rare.

We’re fed bands who apply a thin veneer of irony to everything they do – from band names to song subjects to fashion to performance – and this veneer is a sign of weakness. It’s there as a protective barrier from criticism: a get-out clause, a durr-we’re-only-kidding-stupid punchline.

It’s weak because these bands have no faith in their own performance. If they did, they’d put themselves out there, just like Herring did, and invite people to laugh, gasp, dive in.

Anyway. Today’s new band have something, indeed, to follow. Pullahs aren’t so far removed from Future Islands’ sincere synth-pop, funnily enough:

Runaway Story has the same wooziness as you’d feel after staying up all night to watch the sunrise. It’s just so deep and heavy. The weight of the ocean pulling against a shingle beach.

As always, another nod to the inimitable Bad Panda for digging up more great tunes.

One thought on “Pullahs: An Ocean Pulling On A Shingle Beach

  1. AHHH Frighteningly fierce, uncontrollable voice, that Future Island man have. In the end he kinda like growls!!? Wow. And the gorilla dance!

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