JEDENPUS: Twice in a row


Cor. I have a few days off from writing on ANBAD, and the guilt is almost overwhelming.


Actually, in the meantime, I schlepped off down to London, and aside from being struck by how svelte and aloof most people were, my thoughts on What It Is To Be In The Music Industry These Days kind-of solidified a bit more.

Basically, my thinking thus far is as follows, and none of it is very original:

  1. The tech industry is to today what the music biz was to 20 years ago
  2. This applies to all comparable points on the compass: emerging wannabes to monoliths
  3. If you want to have the Rock ‘n’ Roll experience of cash thrown all over you, and then hoovered away from you just as quickly, then start coding, not playing the guitar
  4. We’re not letting traditionally off-the-wall artists shape our culture as much any more – and no-one is really sure how that will affect things
  5. That’s it.

Hey, I said it was unoriginal. Maybe the point is that music and tech are so intertwined now that they are practically the same thing, except now you pay loads of money for the objects that provide the music (iPods, iPhones and gigs) and virtually nothing to the artist itself.

Maybe nothing’s changed after all. And yet, people are clamouring to be heard, and we are all happily complicit in milking their keenness. Ain’t we all stinkers?

Anyway. The flip side is that it’s the reason this blog is still (sporadically) being run, and why people are not content to simply play the same Beatles LP forever instead of finding something new, and why Jedenpus made this devilishly simple semi-lullaby.

I don’t know anything about Jedenpus at all, and I dunno how much of the lovely, brief, affecting Wake Up My Love (Tribute To Haruko) is just copied-and-pasted, or lifted off a virtual shelf, or what have you.

I don’t really care, because not caring about originality or provenance is the point of pop music. And this is a song that I played twice in a row.

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