Record/Start: Throwaway, Faintly Ridiculous

recordstartEven though my levels of ennui regarding guitar music is almost overwhelming, my inbox is overflowing with it, and I guess most other bloggers’ are too.

More tellingly, I still listed to a lot of it, and write about a lot of it, even though I’d probably be just as happy listening to a medley of Guru Josh throwback hits all day.

Anyway – I just keep coming back to guitar bands, and it could be for a number of reasons, (including that they are so ingrained in my psyche I have no real choice now) but in Record/Start‘s case it’s because the guitars sound ace.


Oh, and Record/Start sound a bit like Weezer, though you probably know that already.

Followay, which probably means something that I haven’t figured out yet, is a brilliant three-minute buzz-pop song; and it sounds like the band drank as many caffeinated beverages before they bounced into the studio to record it.

Great, frenetic, throwaway and faintly ridiculous. High praise.

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