MODERN BLONDE – One Good Turn Deserves Another


The proposition was this:

1) Here’s a new band, called Modern Blonde;
2) But they’re on their fourth album;
3) but they’re mutual friends with Ménage à Trois.

Well, I was pretty much sold on the fact that they were Friends of the Bogans, and the fact that they have already made a load of LPs meant that I liked their vim.

The mystery emailer sealed the deal with this thought:

they might be on their 5th album by now, but if no-one listens to a record does it make a sound?

ANBAD is, of course, a hotspot of philosophical thought, and so I was sold immediately.

Fact is that Modern Blonde make really lovely, slightly otherworldly, not-too-psyche-pop, and Aspirational Demo 4 is a marvellous, drugged-up, cracked-out love song.

I’ve not heard many songs that sound quite as unabashed as this for a while. There’s no veneer of irony, no wry eyebrow, no trolley-dash-through-the-charity-shop, clothing-first sensibilities – just a top pop song.

I have no idea if “Aspirational Demo 4” is the real song name, or a placeholder. I hope it’s the former.

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