astridOne of the points of being a music blogger is that various new start-ups, hackers and chancers regularly ask if you’d like to try out a brand new system of music discovery that is completely different to all the rest and solves all of your music discovery problems.

Almost always, they are just a variation on a theme, and the old problem of getting the signal out of the noise is the same as ever.

Now, I don’t know if Fluence will solve the music discovery problem, but actually, it’s not their aim. They’re trying to connect musicians with ‘influencers’ (of which, scarcely believably, I am one) , in return for a small fee (usually pennies, but it can be whatever the influencer sets).

It’s a sharp experiment which seems to be looking at the issue of gaining exposure in an age where everyone is hollering as loud as they can, via a slightly different, more pragmatic approach.

And maybe the music discovery element makes sense too: I was contacted by Astrid Engberg – and it turned out that her song, Ouaga Noma, is a quietly cute love song set to a choppy, crackly sample collage.

In fact, this is particularly unusual in that it cobbles together patches of sounds and makes a pop song out of the remains. It’s frothy and fun, and I keep going back to listen again.

Will Fluence help Astrid? Will it help people like you and me? Not sure, but I found Astrid this way, and now you did too.

One thought on “ASTRID ENGBERG: Odd Chops

  1. Joe, thanks for sharing this tune! It’s a nice collage of sounds indeed. And thanks for mentioning Fluence. You hit it spot on with Fluence — we’re not trying to solve a “music discovery problem” but rather, we’re aiming to connect the creators of the world with folks like yourself who curate culture and shine the light on good art.

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