ANTO DUST; Don’t Mention The Sh*egaze

antodustWell, hell.

There I was continually bitching about the endless, talentless glut of neo-shoegaze - shoegaze! - bands, and then along comes the only band to grab my attention for a day or two… and it’s a shoegaze band.


I mean, I’m discounting Anto Dust from all the drab shoegaze also-rans because they’re actually good.

More importantly, they actually aim to add something to the genre, unlike the bulk of the neo-shoegaze bands, who I suspect have decided to be a shoegaze band because it’s the new de rigueur genre to be dug up by bored gap year students.

1955 is a song that could only exist in this form. Shoegaze is a side-product. It is, simply, a dreamy, swirling, soft, warm pop song that feels like it has fallen from a better place.

Great. Lovely, even.

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