Feminist; Back to the Future

feministmassimoOne of the really pleasant things about running ANBAD is when people get in touch to let me know what they’ve been up to since they were featured on the site.

Often, the story is the same: the band I wrote about broke up a few months afterwards, and usually, another band has been born and died after that, too. Such is the dizzyingly-quick turn-around of a new band’s life-span now.

Anyway, when Massimo got back in touch with me, I was interested to hear what he was up to. He’d written a piece for ANBAD a few years ago about his neck of the woods in London; now he runs a rehearsal studio in Tottenham and makes music as Feminist.


I spend so much time wondering what music is these days, and what the point of making music is any more now that we have instant-everything on Spotify, that sometimes I forget that perhaps, I dunno, people make music because it’s nice, and they hope to squeegee a bit of that pleasure onto others.

I guess that’s why Massimo does it, and I guess that’s what plenty of people will take from this dreamy ode to the ether itself.

An aside: Feminist is quite a neat name for an artist. I’m not sure why. The word still seems to shimmer with an electric frisson of controversy, perhaps.

MORE: soundcloud.com/Feminist

One thought on “Feminist; Back to the Future

  1. Wow yeah what a name for a band! i like that choir effect and the shimmering high frequencies. I enjoy reading the review and the introduction about bands splitting up quickly, like almost superstitiously?!

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