EDAPOLLO & Hello, Shoegaze; Goodbye, Shoegaze

edapolloSilly me. And to think: I was starting to worry about the rash of average submissions buried deep in my inbox.

A quick summation:

  • A truly surprising amount of German-language hip-hop
  • Hyperbole-tastic drab guitar bands (“Towering guitars”, “Poetic basslines”)
  • Shoegaze; so much fucking shoegaze (Good news, you guys, Slowdive are BACK!)

Ah, yes, the glut o’ shoegaze. Such is the pervasiveness of plodding, fuzzed-out neo-MBV wannabes now that I’m half-longing for a second wave of Britpop to come along and sweep away all these wan, fey saps in a wave of dress shirts and Adidas tops. That’s how bad it’s got.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, Bad Panda Records saved the day again. See almost all my posts, passim.


I suppose Edapollo sounds very now; I also don’t suppose that’s a very bad thing. At least they haven’t simply looked back to the first genre of music they can’t remember and copied it, like all these neo-Shoegaze bands.

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