Terriers: Terrifying

terriersI could take no more, and began to wade though my inbox, on a ruthless, near-vengeful, slash ‘n’ burn mission.

It was, as always, a liberating experience.

Interestingly, it appears that I did not open a single email in October. All those thousands of emails, slaughtered needlessly.

It pains me to do that – but if the music world has decided it wants to rotate at eye-watering speed, it feels like a safe bet that half of the new bands in October have split up by now anyway. Or at least, they will email me next month with their new EP.

Anyway, just as I trained my laser-guided Delete-button finger onto November, I tripped immediately over Terriers. Phew. My new-bandy sense was clearly tingling at the right moment.


Terriers have released For You on Bad Panda records. That’s pretty much all you need to know in terms of a guarantee of quality. I’m sure I have covered more Bad Panda releases than any other label.

I must buy them a drink sometime. in the meantime, enjoy Terriers’ spook-tastic, clattering, old-school-house-paced tune. This would sound good on the dancefloor at the start or end of the night – high praise indeed.

MORE: facebook.com/terriersdublin 

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