TAPERS: Lethargy-Bargy

tapersAs I spend my time fretting about how I can actually keep writing about new music without going clinically insane (best idea so far: stop writing so much, Joe, you idiot), today had the rarest of occurrences: a day when I clicked on the first email from a band I saw, and thought they were good.

Good enough to wake me from my blog-stupor, in fact. Whoah.

Tapers fulfil all sorts of criteria for me: the marvellously lethargic Green sounds like it was chopped together in the same way people like me cook – grab your favourite ingredients, bruise them with heat a bit and throw them together.


I got a bit over-excited when the billowing reverb almost drowned the entire song out in the last 30 seconds.

It could be because it sounds amazing, although it could equally be because I was just so excited to find the time to write about new bands again. (It’s probably the former, by the way.)

Either way, Tapers are a slightly rare find: a band whose music sounds out of step with the majority I hear. Moreover, I subconsciously allowed their Soundcloud stream to keep clicking onto the next track, and I can’t even remember the last time that happened. Nice work, Tapers.

MORE: https://soundcloud.com/tapers

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