Son Of Stan: Supermodel or Whippet?


ANBAD took two weeks off to, variously, bask in its own dubious glory at the AIM Awards, where ANBAD got a bewilderingly lovely nomination for “Indie Champion” (Gilles Peterson won, and who better to lose to?); and then I popped across to the brilliant, The Great Escape-threatening Berlin Music Week, and ate my body weight in grilled meat.

Berlin Music Week’s associated new music festival, First We Take Berlin, by the way, is marvellous: highlights included warbly almost-there duo/trio Braids, crunch-pop band du jour Parquet Courts and Asbjørn, who were the surprise best-of-the-bunch.

So back to new bands: Son Of Stan, of course, is another one that got an automatic pass onto the pages of ANBAD simply on the strength of the marvellous pun that is their name. Oh, well, that; and the fact that Corsica (Hatchback Edit) is excellent.

Corsica is gorgeously odd, light and thin, like a supermodel or a whippet. It is understated, but pulses and shoots ahead like bursts of soft light. This is a song that sounds like it may have come together as a happy accident.

I hope so, because they’re often the best kind of songs. Son Of Stan may have a gag in their name, but they’re deadly serious when it comes to making ace tunes, so it all balances out in the end.


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