PINCERS: Set Adrift On Memory Bliss

pincersIt’s the fate of all music blogs, apparently, to fizzle and splutter at some point in their lives, and maybe this is exactly what ANBAD is doing right now, as work commitments are making this blog’s titular ‘A Day’ part seem more far-fetched than ever.

Not being able to write about new bands each day any more was starting to get me down.

The cure, as always, was found in a fabulous song. Hello, Pincers!


A Sociopath To Fame plays out like a series of dreamy vignettes or a scattering of half-memories, both sonically and lyrically.

It’s a gorgeous-sounding song: like all the most immediate recordings, some instruments sound like they’re being played just behind you, and other sounds feel like they’ve been beamed in from another solar system.

At one point, I swear the 90s-era internet log-on noise creeps into the mix.

The lyrics – an element that I’ll freely admit to generally ignoring – are a series of remarkably confident statements. (Read them here.)

Sociopath is almost so sparse at times that I worried it would just fall apart, and at that exact moment, it would swell and re-build into a glorious kaleidoscopic flurry of melody.

Wonderful stuff. The rest of Pincers’ debut EP is terrific too. Snap it up!


One thought on “PINCERS: Set Adrift On Memory Bliss

  1. Really really really digging this tune! The video is ridiculous as well. Is that Gregorian chanting around 2:30? This is a gem for sure. Thanks for finding and posting. I’m sure good new music will continue to find you during these tough times. Stay strong!

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