ASBJØRN: A Palpable Frisson of Excitement

asbjornIn the continuing quest to fully blur the definition of the world ‘new’, here’s an artist who’s been around for a bit, and is Quite Big In Denmark.

But he’s new to me. And possibly to you too, so our dearly-held definition of ‘new’ is probably safe for now.

I first saw Asbjørn at the First We Take Berlin stage in a huge austere-yet-beautiful aircraft hangar at the disused Tempelhof airport in Berlin.

The environment was weirdly fitting: Asbjørn’s silky and odd pop contrasted nicely with the huge concrete void.


What made Asbjørn’s set really exciting wasn’t just his cluster of well-crafted pop songs, or his foppy, lithe stage presence, or even his extremely tight trousers, but the fact that I was standing in a crowd of people who were almost all discovering him for the first time.

There was a palpable frisson of excitement; a mutual cross-lingual muttering of, “hey, this is really good.”

Strange Ears is a great song, but most of his are, so dig around a bit. These are shimmering, chilly, otherworldly pop songs designed for us all.


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