Recordiau: Cut & Cut & Cut & Paste

RecordiauIt’s always a thrill to find out that an artist I’ve covered fairly breathlessly on ANBAD is also good live; it’s more of a thrill to discover they surpass all expectations entirely.

It was old ANBAD favourites Bridie Jackson and the Arbour who knocked my socks off last night who I finally saw live after what I think must appear to the outside world to be a concerted effort to studiously avoid them. And indeed, they were brilliant. Everyone told me they would be, but they were deeply, very impressive.

Of course a lot has happened since I lumped them onto ANBAD, including a victorious tilt at the Glastonbury Emerging Bands contest and a barrel-load of radio play, and it was hugely pleasing to realise that all this success has come as a result of being a) good at what they do and b) being, frankly, wonderful people.

Now: at what point does ‘being good at what you do’ stop being relevant if you are using parts of sounds that are not yours? What if, for instance, an artist, Recordiau, for instance, took all his favourite parts of, er, Mr. Mister‘s Broken Wings, for instance, and looped them (for instance)?


It’s sort-of like sampling, except it’s done on a more base level: these are just the best bits, arranged as best as is possible.

I quite like this copy+paste recording policy, even if the results could not be described as pop songs – like this amalgamation of I Want To Know What Love Is and Can You Party? – then the songs are at least mesmerising in a whole new way.

It’s actually a smart idea: here are the best bits of songs we all know, as chosen by one individual. Suddenly, songs are compressed and re-appraised. And what does it say about our fragmented attention spans in this internet age? Recordiau has begun more conversations than his songs have answers, but what has emerged is great all the same.

The accompanying song notes are, of course, in Spanish, Welsh and English.


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