Mononomonooto – Back to the Future, Part Two

mononomonootoHere’s how I found today’s new band: I was listening to one new band, and umm-ing and ah-ing about whether to feature them or not, and then the track ended, and – as is Soundcloud’s wont – another vaguely related track began playing.

And Lo! it resulted in a stumble back in time to February, when I got obsessed with Japanese Juke-House.

Hello, Mononomonooto. Nice to accidentally meet you.


Trying to describe my oddly unfathomable interest in Japanese house music is difficult and possibly embarrassing: isn’t being obsessed with all things Japanese a bit of an OMG-EVERYTHING’S-DIFFERENT-OUT-THERE cliché?

I dunno. I think what I like about a number of Japanese musicians’ output is that I can’t read their biogs, or blurb about the songs. I’m just making it all up for myself. For all I know, Mononomonooto has posted someone else’s song.

But I’m OK with that possibility: the song is great, or at least it satisfies the itch I need to scratch, which specifically is a need for jabbering, filter-heavy dance music with throwaway vocal samples.

And on that front, 近頃よくするライブトラック, which, frankly, could mean anything at all, is excellent: a collection of bits and pieces, shuffled, arranged and slapped on top of a deep, bouncy bassline. And that is all I need.


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