Lapland: is/was One to Watch/to Have Watched

laplandI was about to begin with an apology along the lines of how I’m about six months late on today’s new band. In the world of new music blogging, this is akin to revealing that I still listen to songs on a Minidisc player.

Then I began to wonder whether if that wasn’t an extremely daft way to begin a post.

After all, I’m always telling bands not to rush, to not worry about the churn rate, not to play the agonising here-today-gone-today new band game. I feel SHAME.

Anyway, Lapland‘s Unwise is terrific, so who gives a monkeys if it was sizzlin’-hot in February? This is a lovely song even now, when the song is stone-cold-DEAD*.


Softer than marshmallow, lighter than helium, and all-enveloping, Unwise is a curious example of a song that uses every ingredient of The Sound Of Now and makes something with them that is slightly timeless and wholly dreamy.

Lapland is/was one to watch/to have watched (delete as appropriate).

*The song is not, of course, anything of the sort.

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