CLEAR: The Song Noel Gallagher Wishes He’d Written

clearsunlightWell. Just to show that things don’t really work out the way you ever expect, it turns out the kind people at AIM have nominated A New Band A Day for an award  – the Indie Champion Award, indeed, along with the kind of names that made me initially think that there had been a clerical error.

So, I will be schlepping off to London in a month to drunkenly humiliate myself in front of people I admire.

In the mean time, huge thanks and hugs and hearty back-slaps to the kind people at AIM. It’s genuinely lovely to get a nod like this.

And speaking of genuinely lovely, Clear‘s Sunlight sounds like a song I know really well, but can’t put my finger on.

I initially spent a while racking my brain and googling the lyrics, and then I realised that it was an original song and that there is no better measure of a song than one that tricks you into thinking it’s a well-thumbed classic.


Well, indeed, this is exactly what Clear have written – a well-thumbed, much-loved classic. It’s just that the wider world doesn’t know it yet.

But you can’t hold a track like this – one that is so gloriously orange and golden and barley-hued – back from a wider embrace. It’s too good. There are no gimmicks or post-modern knick-knacks or VST-plug-ins-de-jour in this song. Instead, they lean on the oldest gimmick in the book: writing a terrific, moving, addictive song.

If someone like – say – Noel Gallagher had released this as his new solo single, people wouldn’t talk about anything else for the rest of the year, because it’d be so brilliant and so out of character. This is endlessly lovely.


6 thoughts on “CLEAR: The Song Noel Gallagher Wishes He’d Written

  1. Hello! Beautiful stuff. I know what you mean about sounding like a well-known song, the opening lines remind me of Radiohead’s ‘Let Down’ but then aaaaaarrgh I just can’t put my finger on it either on it either! Thanks for an awesome recommendation.

    And congrats on the AIM nomination!

  2. “Let Down” was one of the songs I was reminded of too… but I just couldn’t quite figure it out exactly! So I cut my losses and proclaimed it was a great song :)

  3. I really didn’t want to like this. I wanted to say it was trite and banal, and I wanted to say “Joe, have you taken leave of your critical faculties?” Well, it is trite, and it is a bit banal, but it’s also sort of brilliant, and I like it against my will. Damn you.

  4. What a fantastic track, who the hell are these guys? stunning , I take it they are signed ?
    can I download it ?

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