MRS DADA: Rough ‘n’ Ready, Deft ‘n’ Heavy

mrsdadaAfter the epic Thom Yorke/Spotify blah-piece earlier this week, how about we just plough into a new band?

Yes, thought so – so here’s Mrs Dada, a band I know pleasingly little about simply because I can’t be bothered to engage my schoolboy French and translate their press release.

I mean, I noticed something written about ‘magic notes’ and ‘gold/silver sounds’ in the blurb, and such self-administered purple prose pretty much sealed the deal. Nice job, Mrs Dada.

Here’s Braquage I, with its unishingly broad bass, and clicky mouth-feel beats, and neo-post-analogue synth noises: so far, so now. But a thoughtful construction and a thunderously dense bass-on-top-of-bass that builds forever sets this song apart from its peers.

It’s probably no surprise that  Mrs Dada are French: gross generalisations are, well, gross, but there’s something about French fingers twiddling the knobs that results in electronic songs that are rough ‘n’ ready yet deft ‘n’ heavy, so who am I to deviate? Great stuff.


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