Chresus Jist: Firsties Things First

chresusjistI popped up on Tom Robinson’s excellent BBC 6 Music Now Playing show last Sunday; the latest in a silly-string of  ‘media appearances’ that I’ve stumbled into over the last year or so. The fools won’t learn.

Anyway, I picked bunch of ANBAD faves for the show, including the excellent WALK, Octapush, Straw Bear (for whom ANBAD is now acolyte-in-chief) and Painted Zeros. Give the show a spin: it’s a good ‘un, and if you want to dodge my bit, skip from the 30mins to 60mins mark.

At one point, a dissenting tweeter took time out from arranging his collection of pristine Armenian jangle-pop 7″ vinyl singles into alphabetical order, to made a jibe along the lines of, “I thought you were recommending new bands?!”, which served to remind me of two things: that Firsties! snobbery knows no bounds in the new music world, and that ‘new’ is a subjective term in all sorts of tedious ways.

Moreover, whilst I treat ANBAD’s constant churn of new bands to be the antithesis of the wider chew-’em-up-and-spit-’em-out phenomenon, I guess I have to entertain the possibility that I’m not as guiltless as I think I am.

So, er, time for a new band, right?

I somehow found and then lost the link to Chresus Jist‘s Bandcamp page, probably because I was too busy enjoying the bandname to copy it down.

Songs like Kill serve a function that is broadly swept under the carpet: to fulfil a short-lived buzz among people (like me) who like to absorb the electric thrill of a buzzy two-minute guitar record, and then discard it and move on.

It’s not because the song is bad – it really isn’t: Kill rattles through one delirious chorus after another – but because it’s the nature of the beast. Some pop really is disposable; some bands really are throwaway.

Considering today’s methods and ethos of music consumption, this shouldn’t be a huge surprise. Enjoy, for however briefly you choose to do so. Although, even if it’s simply for the sake of the continued use of a brilliant name, I hope Chresus Jist aren’t disposed of soon.


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