AKIINE: Between 7 and 14 pH

akiineBecause I’m a moron and have the attention span of a gnat, I mis-read Akiine‘s name as “Alkaline” the first dozen times I looked at it.

Akiine it is, though, and, with two consecutive i’s and four vowels in a six-letter word, would score a measly 10 points in Scrabble.

On the plus side, Akiine is a truly lovely name in all sorts of ways, providing the type of visceral thrills that certain combinations of letters do, like puddle and undulate.


Oh, yes, the music: it’s lovely too. It’s not hard to create music that sounds like it comes from now; it is difficult to create music that does that and has a lovely chorus.

Blueberry Mountain is both these things, and it’s funny how, when you secure the more difficult bit – the nice chorus – how the easy part (sounding very now) fades into pointlessness.

Akiine has made a clutch of very, very, gentle and sweet songs. Great stuff.

MORE: soundcloud.com/akiine

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