OCTAPUSH: Assume Nothing

octaOctapush are one of those bands that I just assumed I had already written about.

The fact that I haven’t suggests a number of things: that they are simply and effortlessly excellent (they are); and that I really ought to get on top of things (I really should).

So, anyway – Octapush have made a terrific song in Françoise Hardy. As in; it demands an instant replay once it’s over.


What struck me about this song, and a bunch of other stuff by these Lisboan brothers, is the complex-simplicity of their music. Most dance/bass/whatever-step music ground out by two-bit electronic musicians is much of a muchness, with near-identical shape, form and timbre. Theirs is not.

The days when making multi-layered and complex dance music could be seen as a highly skilled and envied trait are over: these facets are the norm now. So the fact that Octapush make music that is multi-layered but seemingly non-complex, and carefully-tweaked but non-generic is a minor triumph.

Françoise Hardy drips with simple, delicious sounds. They have taken what works and stripped everything else away. Clever.

It also features a gorgeously right vocal from Official Friend Of ANBAD, Alex from Youthless, and he appears in the actually marvellous video, here.



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