FEBUEDER – Anti-Careerist Rock


I suppose being in a band is harder now than at any time previously, assuming you want to pursue any path slightly different to what has gone before you.

Are the rash of same-old-same-old bands that punctuate our musical lives at the moment a product of narrowing opportunities for innovation, or simply the careerist approach of nice middle-class boys wanting to be pop stars?

I dunno. Anyway, my point is that Febueder are at the very least trying to find something new from the morass.


Frankly, they’re succeeding too – Alligator chops odd sounds, stops and starts and sprinkles curious loops of noise throughout. They  allow the song to build and drop, and give and take, with impunity: Febueder are trusting their instincts and this approach is paying off wonderfully.

In an era of instant feedback, it must be tempting to constantly tweak songs to appeal to as many listeners as possible. You can imagine how easy it must be to accidentally stumble into the middle of the road and get lost in the grey.

It’s hard to imagine Alligator emerging from this process. If you go with your gut, you’re very likely to fail – but if it works, your victory will be sweeter, greater, loftier. And this is what Febueder have done. Great.


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