dexterstrangewaysEven though Manchester’s Strangeways prison has long been named the significantly less poetic HM Prison Manchester, it is still known widely and colloquially by its former, creepier name.

It has snagged the attention of musicians before, of course, and in some respects is such a powerful, engrossing name that it steamrollers all around it.

Few people will focus on the first part of Dexter Strangeways’ name, for instance, even though Dexter is one of the most satisfying and unusual English names, but such is the power of words.

Still. All this chit-chat about band names, again. What of the songs, durrrr?


Stop Haunting Me is such a gloriously gloomy and deluxe song that any physical copies sold will be packaged in black paisley-embossed velvet. This song, remarkably is billed as a B-side (if they even exist any more) which seems like a terrible shame on one hand, and incredible fitting on the other.

Because this song is all about exclusion and desolation, and is incredibly beautiful because of it. Much braver and befitting to be slipped out as a B-side than showcasing as the song deserves. It builds beautifully into an incredible Gothic climax (note – not Goth). Excellent.


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