Cuttooth feat. Bridie Jackson: God, Peace and Bridie Jackson

cuttootgANBAD, as a very vague rule, doesn’t often feature remixes, but what about when an artist remixes their own work?

And what about when the featured vocalist is none other than ANBAD favourite Bridie Jackson?

Oh, go on then.

First though, a quick word on the ubiquitous “feat.” artist – enormous kudos to Kanye West for securing the services of the sole feat. on his new album, which is on the track “I Am a God” (feat. God), showcasing Kanye’s enviable ego in all His glory.

Bridie Jackson is not, last time I checked, a God. But on Cuttooth (feat. Bridie Jackson)’s terrifically zen Peace she can sing like an angel, so w/ever, yeah?


Ooooh, this is lovely. Really, really lovely. Sparceness, as a musical quality, is incredibly hard to get just right, but Cuttooth can pare a song to the bone and make it breathe lustily.

The fact that he has Bridie’s luscious voice creeping all over Peace and it is left to become an organic, coiling part of something larger is a triumph. Fabulously distant.


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