BOARDWALK – Drift and Steam and Billow

boardwalkA minor case of musical miscatagorisation  today, with Boardwalk pegged as “shoegaze”, and yet are about as closely connected to Slowdive et al as they are to, I dunno, Mazzy Star, another wistful band who were lumped in with the Shoegaze lot.

Still, this is a lesson in ignoring labels and listening anyway, as Boardwalk make gloriously luxuriant and golden songs.

If you need a visual, imagine a machine churning warm, glossy caramel whilst you’re listening to I’m To Blame, and you’ll be in exactly the right mental spot for what follows.

Gosh, this is a lovely song in every way. Some songs are built to drift and steam and billow, and this is one of them, and then some.

I’m To Blame is so hugely dreamy that time itself becomes of little consequence, and I found myself willing the song to continue, even when well into the meat of the fourth minute.

When the horribly sudden ending came, I was left gasping for breath. But it couldn’t end any other way. Terrific.


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