TEEN FLIRT – High Street

Whilst ANBAD tries to be as international in its outlook as possible, it’s often hard to reach beyond the noise of the UK scene.

This is especially true when there are just so many guitar bands all fighting for attention, and all peddling their near-identical Indie-lite Career-Rock.

And dance music is, on the whole, just as un-daring: there’s so much gentle, MOR, safe dance music in my inbox, it sounds like the changing rooms of a high street clothes shop.

The real thrills within new variants on a dance music theme are almost always found in the rough and ready nature that accompanies rapid innovation: you may not like the bonkers bounce of Jackin House, but you can’t ignore the charms of the cut-paste-and-forget ethos of something like Snapbacks and Tattoos.

Which brings us to Mexico, and why that, even though Teen Flirt‘s brand of soft-thumpin’, House-nickin’, chill-techno is not wholly new, its smash-and-grab outlook is refreshing.


The majority of bedroom-produced house cuts like this are too contrived and too clean to be truly enjoyable, but Teen Flirt skirts around this with a beady eye and a magpie touch, which cuts through the all-pervasive softness.

The song is like a reversed, slowed-down video of a jigsaw being thrown into the air, discombobulating; the overall image dipping in and out of clarity. Nice and easy does it.

MORE: soundcloud.com/teenflirt

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