Pagan Moon: Resplendent

ANBAD, as you know, is committed to bringing you the newest music… from six months ago.

This happens a lot – or rather, every time I have a clear out of my spam folder and find nuggets lurking in there – and this time it was Pagan Moon who had apparently written something innocuous that my over-zealous filters had thrust deep into Spammageddon.

Still, this exercise of sifting through pill-mail and scam-mail is almost always worth it, and Pagan Moon prove to be full of intrigue and teeter on the precipice of absurdity – yet survive through sheer sincerity and forcefulness.

What I like most about this song, aside from the deeply portentous and gappy sound, is the moment when the singer stage-whispers “SNAKE DANCE!” and I buy it as a proposition, wholesale.

Some songs can do all the supposedly wrong things and emerge unscathed and resplendent. Your Swan is one of these songs.


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