Honey Wild: Solo

One of the many interesting experiences that emerges when listening to the new Daft Punk album is the inner turmoil that takes place: a fight between the part of your brain which recoils in revulsion at the 70’s/80’s soft-rock stylings employed, and the part that just wants to get on and enjoy the great songs.

This dichotomy is the genius of the album – and the enjoyment doesn’t immediately reveal itself because if this. It’s also more enjoyable as a result.

I experienced something fairly similar with Honey Wild – which, I suppose, is wholly to their credit.

I have to confess I was not 100% convinced by Honey Wild until the world’s wonkiest guitar solo just after the one-minute mark, at which point it all makes sense. It’s a moment of minor genius; a guitar solo that falls apart as it is played, a guitar line that even ’89-era Happy Mondays would have rejected for being too baggy.

As such, the song immediately elevates itself from good guitar pop to good guitar pop with added curiosities. And all of a sudden Honey Wild are a band to watch. Funny how these things work out.

MORE: wearehoneywild.com

One thought on “Honey Wild: Solo

  1. These guys are f’ing great live too. Check out the song “Turnaround” if you wanna hear a perfectly written song.

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