Dalton: Scrappy Lustre

For a brief, hideous moment, I thought that Dalton were called Dalston, named after the East London hipster enclave, which would have been a sure sign of the End Of Times.

As it turned out, Dalton is actually from another hipster enclave, Brooklyn, but at least they had the good grace not to name themselves Williamsburg.

Even more happily, Dalton makes entirely un-hipster music, too: Breaker is unironic, sun-soaked and glassy.

Breaker is a song with heart and rough edges but a lustre that comes from these very same pushed guitar noises and scrabbly sounds.

There are moments when the strains of dearly-departed Wu Lyf can be heard, although this is what I wish Wu Lyf had sounded a bit more like, with soul and feeling and variety within these songs. Great stuff.

MORE: facebook.com/daltonmusic

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